A tale of 4 Used Brick Barbeques

We have been talking about great uses for recycled and reclaimed brick because we have a special offer on at the moment and because we have been coming across wonderfully imaginative ideas created by some of our customers.  In this post you can see four barbeques built in recycled brick and other salvaged products.  If you are looking for ideas these may well stimulate a solution suitable to your garden and your budget.

The first is the most simple:

Simple reclaimed brick BBQ

Simple BBQ in Recycled Red Brick

Very easy to build and perfectly practical.  There is no lack of beauty or elegance in the simplicity of this design, in fact on the contrary it looks very good indeed and many will prefer it to some of the more elaborate designs to follow.  It is a perfect example of why used brick is perfect for this kind of project.  Once the brickwork is done there is no need for any more finishing.  Once the grouting has weathered in a little it will look as if it has been there for years.  It will be a good idea to take note of the prevailing wind when choosing where to put your BBQ so that the charcoal will be well ventilated and the smoke will hopefully blow away from the person cooking.  For this design all you need is a cooking grid and a tray for burning the charcoal.  I would want to have an outdoor sink nearby, perhaps a Belfast sink to go with your Belfast brick!

Now let’s look at the luxury end.  Pretty much an outdoor fitted kitchen:


Used Brick BBQ with Limestone counter top

A cast iron oven and gas barbeque are included in this design but the sky is the limit.  You could have both gas and open BBQ, perhaps a brick oven, room for an ice box or fridge and so on.  It all depends on space and budget.  The use of natural stone could be extended to include granite paving, Indian sandstone or limestone paving to match the counter top.  All making for a luxurious, natural looking and durable outdoor kitchen.

Reclaimed Brick BBQ with Chimney

Reclaimed Brick BBQ with Chimney

Back to a more simple design now but with an arch and chimney.  Definitely requires more skill to make and I would need some help with this one but in cramped spaces or windy areas the chimney is a great help.

Have a look at this one if you like to know your fridge is well stocked with beer:

Double BBQ in used brick with well stocked fridge!

Double BBQ in used brick with well stocked fridge!

Good use of space here in what I imagine is a reasonably small garden.  This is a person who likes to party.  There are two cooking stations and the all important fridge.  An optimist’s BBQ!  Ready to go as soon as the weather allows.  Brick surrounds and natural stone paving help it all to blend in.

If you have built your own barbeque in salvaged materials please send us some photos so that we can inspire our readers with your ideas.

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