Build a path with old railway sleepers

We are planning a series of posts on ideas for using architectural salvage materials in landscaping.  We will be suggesting lots of ideas of our own and looking for readers and customers to share their ideas with us.  We would love to feature your house or garden on our blog, showing classic and creative uses of recycled architectural salvage.

We are starting off with one of the great uses for reclaimed railway sleepers.

Garden steps made with old railway sleepers

Railway Sleeper Garden Steps

Railway sleepers have many uses which take advantage of the fact that they are extremely durable.  They do not need to be treated in any way in order to be weather proof.  They will last for years and years.  Our sleepers, by the way, do not contain creosote.  They are uniform in size so if you are building a path, wall or steps and the standard size of a railway sleeper is suitable to the space then there is no more measuring to be done.  You will not need special foundations making building relatively easy.  It should be said that sleepers are not light, but that is one of their great advantages.

If you are looking to build a path or steps which will be easy to maintain, be comfortable and safe to use and will immediately blend into their environment, then recycled railway sleepers is one of the best options.

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