Enhance your Landscape with Timber Beams

It is hard to imagine a more characteristic building material than old timber beams.  Much has been written about the role of Oak in Naval history and where would pre-concrete architecture be without the strength and flexibility of timber beams?  These days the choice of timber beams is an aesthetic one and they show no signs of going away.  The human love affair with wood is eternal. 

Existing wooden beams can be used again and again.  Recycling can and does contribute to conservation.  Better still, breathing new life into old wood achieves a style that cannot be faked. 

Here are two brilliant examples.  Interestingly they are both in pitched pine, one in a raw state and one waxed and pollished.  Both beams are clearly marked by age.  As ever with wood, this merely enhances its beauty.

Pitched Pine Timber Beam Bench
Pitched Pine Bench at Lyons Estate Restaurant

Landmark provided this bench and the reclaimed York stone (Sandstone) it is resting on.  It is rewarding to see salvaged products used so stylishly and effectively in wonderful surroundings like Lyons Estate in Newcastle.



Timber Support Beam
Pitched Pine Beam at Lawlors Hotel, Naas

The stresses and strains of a long, hard life show on this pollished support beam at Lawlors Hotel in Naas. 

Perhaps it is the mood I am in today, but surely this is not just about looks.  There is something about wood that affects the emotions.  Like seeing a picture of a familiar place from a hundred years ago and there are the same trees you know today looking as if they have already lived two hundred more.

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