Kerbing With Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers used for Kerbing

Kerbing with Used Sleepers

Used railway sleepers are perfect for all types of garden kerbing. They can be used to make an edging for grass as in this photograph, line a path or act as a surround for a flower bed. Their durability and natural look make them an ideal choice.

They are thick enough to be raised a little so that they can prevent gravel or woodchip from escaping and they are wide enough to be stepped on safely and easily. They do not need to be treated against rain and yet you have the advantage of the way natural wood blends in.

Our sleepers do not contain creosote so they are safe to use as kerbing for beds where you are growing vegetables.

If you have photos of recycled sleepers being used in your garden please send them to us and we will feature them in our blog.

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