Reclaimed Belfast Bricks – Special Offer

There are many towns in Ireland and particularly in Northern Ireland which use red brick for building houses but none more so than Belfast.  Brickwork is an unmissable characteristic of Belfast and gives the houses in the city a distinctive style.  One of the great attributes of brick is that as it wears in it takes on a variety of colours.  These colours blend with each other and at the same time provide contrast.  The buildings become more individual, more ‘hand made’.  The effect is similar to the beauty taken on by wooden furniture as it ages.  Sometimes the colour can be striking as in this picture of ‘orange’ bricks:

Recycled, Reclaimed Belfast Brick

Pallett of Belfast Bricks

Recycled Belfast bricks are perfect for repairing and restoring old walls and buildings.  They are already worn in and will blend with existing brick-work:

Reclaimed Belfast Bricks used in building

Rough building with Belfast bricks

They are ideal for fireplaces, door arches, garden walls and many other projects such as building your own BBQ:

BBQ built with recycled Belfast bricks

BBQ built with recycled Belfast bricks

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